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Video Door Phones

Video Door Phone is popularly called as a VDP.

We are always intrigued who is on the door as soon the doorbell rings. If only it was possible to know in advance who it is, life would be easier!! Isn't it the ultimate security solution for your homes, apartments and businesses too? A video door phone is the perfect solution for you to deter potential offenders.

At ARKD Engineers we have a plethora of solutions for you to combat intrusion in your homes.

A VDP system consists of both Outside and Indoor elements:

  1. an outdoor panel on the outside
  2. an electronic lock release and
  3. an indoor monitor

The outdoor panel or street panel is installed beside the entrance door or gateway and incorporates different elements ready for use in any climate conditions.

  • A Micro camera is fitted to capture the real time image of the person and also the video.
  • A microphone is also installed and is used for speaking.
  • The indoor monitor shows the person who is at the door.
Video door entry systems with access control
In such systems you can grant access to people at your door when you can't reach the door, by the means of a mobile device.

Video Door Phone
Video Door Phone
Video Door Phone
Video Door Phone

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