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Student Tracking

With the advent of technology, the need for security has overgrown. It has spread out to all the sectors. School kids are most vulnerable to unexpected vandalism and cause threat to their lives. Keeping a track of your school going kids has becomes a necessity more than a luxury. Real Time update of the school kid is an added advantage. Thus GPS tracking will help a parent understand the location of the kid. School Bus Tracking will help parents to confirm if their kids are safe, and in a safe environment. This will also alert the parents, whether the kids have boarded the school bus or not.

Time Attendance Machines

A Proxy attendance, a manually altered attendance is not unknown to us. With the increasing malpractices in the workplaces, schools and colleges, it is necessary that a fool proof system should be used to put a stop to these unproductive activities. An Administrator controlled Time attendance machine can reduce the number of fallacies that happen in a workplace, schools and colleges where students are seen to skip their classes and have their friends answer the roll call for them.The Payroll system can benefit from these Time attendance machines and also report absenteeism at work.Attendance reports at schools or colleges can be directly sent to the concerned authorities to enroll in the database of these institutions.

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