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Hospital Infant Security System

Identification of newborn babies in crowded and busy hospitals is supremely demanding task. Security in public maternity wards is not very tight, and overcrowding is common, the risks of a baby swap or kidnap is inevitable. Baby footprint identification system: Newborn footprint identification is one of the most successful methods that will help us understand the real parents of a lost baby.

ENROLLMENT : When a new baby born’s , register that baby in the local database with the basic details and foot prints.

Basic Details
  • Enrollment ID :- a unique ID for baby.
  • Baby Name : – name of the baby.
  • Father Name : – baby’s father name.
  • Mother Name :- baby’s mother name
  • Date of Birth : baby’s DOB.
  • Place :- baby’s born place details .
  • Biometric Data : Take two captures of each foot .(Left foot 2 and right foot 2)

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