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Vehicle Tracking System

A Vehicle tracking system is installed in a vehicle and the access is provided to the authorised personnel. This helps the officer to track the location of the vehicle real time. All the malpractices associated with the transport system can be averted due to this smart system. A GPS Tracking system runs on a software that collects fleet data for comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. Urban public transport facilities are increasingly using the GPS tracking system for appropriate location and time management. The Vehicle tracking system is a total security protection and fleet management solution. By using the latest GSM & GPS technology to protect and monitor any vehicle virtually anywhere and then locate it to with in a few meter.

Currently the BRT buses in India are using the GPS tracking system and are updating the real time data helping us understand the estimated time of arrival of our bus.

The Cab that we book for our rides is also equipped with a highly accurate GPS Tracking System. Also used in JCB Cranes

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