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ARKD provides latest technology Boom Barrier, Gate Automation Products, Road Bollards from renowned brands.

Boom Barrier Gate are used in Car Parking Solutions,Toll Plaza,Malls, Amusement Parks, Hospitals etc.

Gate Automations are specially designed Motors to operate Sliding Gates.It can be operated electrically and operated by switch, remote or any other access control system.

Road bollard is a short vertical post. Originally it meant a post used on a ship or a quay, principally for mooring. The word now also describes a variety of structures to control or direct road traffic

Product Range

We provide all sort of Gates & Barrier Products

Boom Barriers
In a boom barrier the gate rises to an arc nearly vertical position to allow the passage of vehicles
Gate Automations
Gate Automations prevent unauthorised entry and close and open at your convenience remotely. This adds comfort to your lifestyle and also raises the bar of security. A push of a button will open the gates for you without having to worry about the presence of a gateman.
Road Bollards
Road bollards or Hydraulic Automatic Retractable Bollards are short sturdy vertical posts installed on roads used to control traffic and also to deny access to some places which are crowded or restricted because of residential or critical areas.

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