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CCTV Surveillance System

CCTVs are used to observe the activities of workers, employees, and unexpected threats through remote systems. Systems are usually placed in a control room, where the manager or the supervisor keeps a track of activity that is captured in a CCTV. This prevents thefts, and if thefts happen under unavoidable circumstances, the culprit’s identity is captured on the CCTV.

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Biometric Access Control

Beating the conventional system of key cards, and pins, the new biometric access systems based on the physical characteristics of humans are the future. Face, Iris, Palm and fingerprint authentication give a more secured access and prevents any potential intrusion.

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Fire safety

A fire is an undesired threat to the critical entities like buildings, hospitals, warehouses. If the fire is not detected and put out on time, there can be catastrophic consequences leading to loss of property and people.

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